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We will host a series of entertaining and educational programs at the History Museum of Monroe County Illinois in Waterloo, Illinois, beginning on April 5th and continuing through June.  Come back soon to see the complete list.


soldierThe War of 1812 is often referred to as the forgotten war or the second Revolutionary War.  Some will recall that the poem that later became our National Anthem was written by Francis Scott Key at Fort McHenry, Maryland during a battle of the War of 1812. 

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Did you know that the area that is now the state of Illinois played an important role in this conflict?  Click here to read more about Frontier Warfare.

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The commission is looking for volunteers to be a part of the Headquarters Ranger Company.  Click here for more information.         


We are a federally recognized not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to create a series of events simulating those historical events that took place in the Illinois Territory during the War of 1812 era.  We will work with and assist, as needed, any organization planning events elsewhere in the United States and Canada that relate to the story of the War of 1812. Committees are hard at work gathering more information on Fort Russell, the Illinois River Block House, Nat Hill Fort, and Piggotts Fort.

Current Members of the Commission 

William Wilson, Chair  618-248-5885
Linda Rosenthal, Vice Chair
Jim DeGroff, Vice Chair
Julie Worthen, J.D.
Mark Hayden, J.D.
Sandy Nissen, Secretary
Lynn Hargus, Treasurer
Kevin Kaegy, Historian
Lola DeGroff, Webmaster

Carol Wylder
Karen Bauer

Christal Dagit
Brian Garner
John Parkins
Theresa Sanders, Sutler
Greg Parrott
Robert Ridenour
Larry Cooper
Trisha Noack
Roland Harris

Fort Russell Action Committee

*Ken Hanser
*Joyce Williams
*Julie Holt
*Henry Holt
*Kathryn Hopkins
*Pat Mosby
*Mary Westerhold  - chair
*Joe Weber
*Pam Haynes
* Fred Steinkuehler 
*Robert Ridenour 

The committee met in April 2011 with SIU-E research student, Grace Miller of Alton.  Committee was in agreement as to the fort's site.  Aerial photographs provide major key.  SIU-E plans field work in May 2011.

Note:  This site is continually being updated!  Check back often for more news.

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