Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission

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Seth Graves, a member of the 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers Company ?A,? is the Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission Deep South Regional Director.  Seth also serves as the current Headquarters Company Captain.  He is originally from Carrier Mills, Illinois, and presently resides in Golconda, Illinois.  Seth is twenty-six years old and is currently employed at Pope County Elementary/Jr. High school as a social studies teacher.  He has been reenacting for seven years and now reenacts many time periods from America?s history:  1750?s era longhunter, Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Missouri, War of 1812, as well as Union and Confederate Civil War troops.  Seth feels the War of 1812 era should be studied because it was imperative to the founding of Illinois.